A Friend invites you to join three early arrivals already seated


You will be welcomed as you come in. You then go into the Meeting House and sit where you like. The chairs or benches are usually arranged in a circle or a rectangle and there will be a table in the middle with flowers and some books, usually a copy of the Bible and a book of Quaker writings and guidance called Quaker Faith and Practice.

There is no pre-arranged service or appointed minister. We meet to find a communal gathered stillness in order to be open to spiritual inspiration. We silently listen to the promptings of love and truth in our hearts and trust these as God’s guidance for our lives.

The meeting usually lasts for one hour and may be silent but often a Friend is moved to speak, either using their own words or quoting others. Anyone present may speak, regular attender or first time visitor. We usually speak only briefly, a few minutes at most, and allow a time for reflection before someone else speaks. We try to receive what is said positively and to seek the underlying truth without discussing it during the meeting itself.

If children are present they often leave after 10 minutes for their own activities.

The silence may seem strange at first but don’t worry. Try to be quiet in mind, body and spirit. There is often a very powerful sense of peace and togetherness in the meeting.

The end of meeting will be signified by two people shaking hands. Everyone may offer to shake hands with those immediately around them. The clerk may have some announcements to make about forthcoming event or news of members not present.

You are invited to stay for tea or coffee and a chat afterwards. We always warmly welcome visitors. Feel free to ask questions, take leaflets that may be available or borrow a book from the library.

Nothing will be expected of you. If you feel that the meeting was right for you, you may want to come again but no one will expect you to come regularly or make any commitments. Everyone, whether new or regular attender, brings something special to the meeting by just being there. We value your presence.