Adderbury Gathering: Spiritual Ecology: a Deeper Revolution

We invite you to the Adderbury Gathering, our annual public talk, at the Adderbury Quaker Meeting House. Followed by afternoon tea. All welcome - no charge.

A talk by Amrita Bhohi at Adderbury Quaker Meeting House, Sunday 16th June at 3 p.m.

The speaker:

Amrita leads the Spiritual Ecology Programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. This seeks to embed a deeper connection to the sacred into the urgent environmental and social change efforts to protect, heal and regenerate our relationship to our living earth.

This Quaker Meeting House is one of the oldest in the country - built in 1675 - and a very special place.


It's off Horn Hill Road in West Adderbury - on the path to the Adderbury Parish Cemetery. (SatNav OX17 3EW).

Bus: S4 - there are just a few Sunday buses between Oxford and Banbury.

On foot: join a walk from Banbury - see details here:

You may download a poster for display.

For further information please phone Lynne (01608) 238298

The Adderbury Gathering is an annual event attended by Quakers from across the country with a presentation each year by a recognised expert on a topic of wider concern. Recent topics have included:

  • organising communities
  • eye-witness stories from the West Bank and Israel
  • Positive Money - how money works in the economy
  • a celebration of Quaker Music, Poetry and Prose and display of arts and crafts
  • the Simple Future Beyond Oil
  • Ramallah and Brummanna: Quaker Schools in the Middle East
  • the anti-slavery movement
  • the Quaker UN office in Geneva
  • Circles of Support and Accountability
  • the local Katherine House hospice & the hospice movement