Meeting for learning: "Lover of Souls"

A dramatic evocation of the life of Elizabeth Hooton at Broad Campden Meeting House was held on Sunday 8th March 2015 2.30pm

What led a 17th century woman in her fifties to leave a comfortable home in a remote East Midlands village, to become a travelling Quaker minister, enduring persecution and prison, confronting Cromwell and Charles II, making the dangerous Atlantic crossing several times and ending her days in Jamaica?

Devised, written and performed by Lynn Morris, the show is based closely on Elizabeth Hooton’s own writings and those of her contemporaries. Directed by Dave Morris.

This show was created to raise funds for the charity Medical Aid for Palestine. The following report was provided by one of the Friends present:

Lynn Morris appearing as Elizabeth Hooton in plain 17th century costumeThe main unforgettable experience of Area Meeting held at Broad Campden on March 8th 2015, was the play exploring the life of Elizabeth Hooton in her own words, taken from her letters and writings. She was the first to be convinced by George Fox and to be a travelling preacher, even accompanying him to Barbados and Jamaica, where she died aged over seventy.

Lynn Morris, who grew up in the same village as Elizabeth, knew the dialect from childhood. She brought to life this remarkable seventeenth century woman so convincingly that within an hour of solo speech those of us privileged to meet this challenging woman will, I feel, always sense her presence within this old building. It was a remarkable achievement that twenty eight people, including two in wheelchairs, overlooked by seven more in the upper gallery, were held in silent gathered support as we tried to grasp and understand the strength and endurance that motivated these few isolated, ordinary people and led them to abandon their homes and farms and travel to some unknown corner of the world. How different from reading ‘Faith and Practice’.

Lynn and David Morris spend a great deal of their lives working in and with a Palestinian co-operative and we were pleased to reward their performance with donations and support their commitment. A sumptuous tea was very welcome afterwards.