Quaker Peace Garden

The Quaker Peace Garden beside the Meeting House was inaugurated in 2007. You are very welcome to come and sit for a while in this peaceful walled garden. Gather your thoughts, listen to the birds. Bring a book, enjoy the flowers.You will not be disturbed or disappointed.

The Peace Garden lies beyond small iron-wrought gatesA sunny bench beneath tall treesDavid Gee, a staff member of Quaker Peace & Social Witness, unveiled a sculpture designed by two sixth-formers from Prince Henry’s High School and created by local artist Charlie Dadge. A “Peace” rose has also been planted in the garden which is a quiet haven in the middle of a busy town. It is hoped that the garden may help people to find inner peace on the one hand and on the other hand raise awareness of the need for world peace and the nonviolent resolution of conflict.