Adderbury Gathering 2024

This year’s event is listed on our events page : Receptive Ecumenism: learning from other people’s experiences of the Light

Past events

Adderbury Gathering 2023: Reparations for historical injustices? A Quaker take.

A talk by Ann Floyd

“The legacies of slavery, the slave trade and colonialism are topics of current debate in Britain and elsewhere. Quakers are one of many groups thinking about how the current generation ought to respond.  Should the focus be on reparations for the past, or on current issues such as loss and damage, health, education, economic inequalities…? Or both? How should we go about whatever we do? How does this look to those we want to support, and whose agenda is it?  British Quakers have begun exploring all this both amongst ourselves and with Quakers in Africa. This talk will be a personal take on the journey so far and what the next steps might be.”

About Ann Floyd

Ann Floyd was brought up as an Anglican, and became a Quaker in early adulthood. She is member of Jordans Meeting, in Buckinghamshire, and is also involved in Quaker work nationally and internationally. Most of her professional life was as an academic at the Open University. She has longstanding African links, first as a mathematics teacher in Uganda, and later through academic connections involving open/distance learning, alongside many interactions with African Quakers.

Adderbury Gathering 2022: Climate seems to be the hardest word

Fascinating talk by Linda Aspey at historic Adderbury Quaker Meeting House

We all know that climate change is getting worse, along with ecological destruction and species extinction, but it is hard to talk about. It’s big, it’s scary, it’s happening and we’d all rather it wasn’t. Often we don’t really know what anyone can do, given the scale of the problems.

Yet research shows that when we learn how to talk, we actually feel better rather than worse. We begin to realise that we’re not alone in feeling this way, that we do care very deeply, and that we can make a difference.