Quakers in the World

The QuakersInTheWorld web portal (QITW) was launched in early 2010. it aims to summarise Quaker witness past and present, and nurture future witness, all over the world. The site is constantly growing, but is already substantial.

Its database ‘Quakers in Action’ provides access to high quality information in sets of linked articles, organised thematically. All these have been specially written for the portal, in a standard format. Quakers in Action also points the way to further sources of information on other websites, or in books and articles. The list of current themes cn be seen in the pull down menu under ‘what?’ Each theme includes a broad overview article, and all these have been written by contemporary experts in their field.

The portal also features a section focused on Ideas for Educators to provide information and ideas about using Quakers in Action in different educational settings. It enables educators to to interact by exchanging ideas and material. There are also discussion fora that can be used by Quaker Interest Groups and others for the exchange of information and ideas. Both these are at an early stage of development.